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Body Freedom

with Maria 

 Body Freedom | Eating Disorders

 Hello! I am Maria, Body Freedom Coach.

 I inspire women to break free from the obsession about physical perfection. Eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and compulsive as well as compensatory behaviors are some of the issues that I help you to heal and move forward through coaching and education. I teach you the practices and routines based on a lifestyle that is sustainable for you, focusing on your bio individuality, personality and biochemistry to cover all of your needs. It's custom made for you.


Mantra: Be the best version of you!. 

The education we receive, what we see at home, what we perceive from our mother, social and cultural standards impact us. All of this influences greatly the perception of our worth and self-esteem.
woman practice yoga Downward Facing dog

I specialize in these areas 

Eating disorders & Body Image

Terapias Alternativas ∞ Body Flow

Integrative Nutrition

The path to self-love begins within you

“With Maria, I was able to see the mental and emotional blocks I had, the ones that did not allow me to evolve into the person I am today. Today I am responsible for my life and health. I live it with great fullness, respect, love and success "

- Mónica de Mía

"My self esteem and energy depended on my weight. I stopped doing many things because of the shame i felt about my body shape. Today I don't stop doing anything I feel like doing because I feel very comfortable in my skin". Thank you Maria!

- Alejandra Roca

"Vigorexia, Orthorexia and Anorexia took over my life, a life completely in control with no space to express my true self, a restrictive life that today I understand as an unhappy life. In body freedom I learned to live from a place of balance and self-love. I connected with my body, mind and with my emotions".

- Sandra Martin


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