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I am Maria

Body Freedom 


Most of my life I've been ashamed of my body, I hated feeling that I didn't look pretty enough or at least in my distorted notion of what that meant. My best friends were all the "exias": anorexia, vigorexia, orthorexia and bulimia.

I was constantly hiding and abusing my body. This behavior was ongoing. One fine day I found myself in a hospital bed weighing 84 pounds full of frustration, shame, depression and sadness for the damage I was causing my body.

My life, my world had turned into hell,  felt so much pressure, felt like living in a prison of calorie counting and countless visits to the mirror reaffirming my imperfections. It was at that moment that I decided to change course, change my whole approach, a radical reinvention and interpretation of what beauty meant, MY personal beauty. I understood that how I felt about me had nothing to do with my appearance. This life experience motivated me to get certified as a Health Coach at IIN "Institute for Integrative Nutrition" NY ,. I specialize in Eating Disorders and Body Image. Teaching self-love to women of all ages. 

Alzhéimer, parkinson, diabetes, enfermed
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