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So what is Body freedom?

It is learning to use your energy, your focus and creativity towards much more valuable aspects such as your career, relationships, creating more fulfilling, genuine and fun moments. You can achieve this by healing the obsession towards physical perfection. That's when we start feeling truly alive!

¿Cómo empiezo a sanar?

Do you think that the shape of your body defines who you are?. Can you imagine what your life would look like feeling happy with your body as it is today?. What would you do differently?. What would change in your life?. 


One of Body Freedom goals is to create a sustainable lifestyle, one that suits your wants and needs so that it provides more energy, learning what to eat and feeling in peace with your body becomes your new reality.


We live in a society and culture which promotes "beauty sickness." It is to shame and ridicule women who do not meet the expected body size and shape. The good news is that we can shift these deeply rooted fears and beliefs, but not without first doing the work we need to do and integrate different practices & routines. Body Freedom is about creating a new way of life, one that will make you feel you are living the best version of you. This is my mission. 

Yoga por la piscina


In BODY FREEDOM the programs are tailor-made since we do not all come from the same place with respect to the life experiences we have had regarding our bodies. 



 In this program I help you to let go, to heal the beliefs, negative emotions, experiences and traumas that are ingrained in your mind & body. Through theoretical and practical exercises as well as emotional and nutritional therapy sessions once a week we will work on those beliefs and emotions that you may not be aware of but need to come out to help you achieve the change you want.

 If this resonates with you, don't waste any more time, schedule a free consultation with me. 




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